Year of the Rabbit

The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, is a time where families come together, share meals and partake in traditional ceremonies. Like a family, Wells International School commemorates the new year’s arrival with special traditions and activities for our children.


The parents of our Taiwanese and Chinese students prepared a dumpling cooking station so that everyone could learn how to make delicious jiǎozi! Not only were these dumplings delicious and filling, learning how to prepare dumplings by hand reminded our parents, teachers and students that there is great joy in cooking together.



An important aspect of every Lunar New Year celebration is the story of Nian. Our teachers used props and illustrations to bring the mythical creature Nian to life! This story is a powerful reminder that fear can be conquered through knowledge and understanding. In this legend, the villagers must protect themselves from Nian’s destruction. By working together as a community, the villagers overcome the beast. The story of Nian reminds us that we are stronger and more supported when we work together.

The highlight of this celebration was the Lion dance and firecrackers! Every year, the highschool students perform live percussion while the lion entertains the students and gobbles up oranges from their hands. This performance has great significance in Chinese culture, representing good luck and prosperity in the new year.








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