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Yo Yo Land Field Trip (K1)



Our K1 classes were all very excited at the chance to enjoy a wonderful field trip to Yo-Yo Land. For some of our new students, it was their first time riding in the school bus, which was a real thrill. When we arrived the children were happy to see all the fun rides and games. We first tried the water gun game, in which we shot water at a pirate ship. Next we went on the dragon boat ride, which had real water under it! The children then tried the city car ride and had fun honking the horns and turning the steering wheels. After that we went on the Yo-Yo Express, where we went into a tunnel with lots of lights and large animated bugs! We tried out the ferris wheel and the flying dragons before we sat down for a delicious lunch. After lunch we went on a couple of more rides before we went home. All the children had a good time and were happy to have a little nap in the bus on the way home.


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