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Trip to Siam Ocean World (K2)

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Trip to Siam Ocean World 

K2 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Siam Ocean World this semester. Our K2 topic is Ocean, so this trip really helped the children to relate real sea life to what they have learnt in class. They were able to ask lots of questions related to the sea animals and use this knowledge in their class work. The children were particularly excited to see the jellyfish, giant crabs, seahorse, Nemo (clown fish) and most of all, the sharks! We were also lucky enough to watch a ‘turtle show’, which saw lots of singing and dancing with people in costumes. Children could even go and meet them after the show. Besides this, the very brave children had the opportunity to meet and touch a real python snake. This was a unique experience for everyone and something they won’t forget. Finally, the children enjoyed watching a diver in the shark tank cleaning up the aquarium. We had lunch in this area, watching all the fish in the large aquarium and waving at the diver of course!

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