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K1 & K2 Trip to Safari World

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In February our K1 & K2 students went on a trip to Safari World.  The children were very excited to see the different animals.  We started our trip by going to see the sea lion show.  The sea lions did a number of various tricks that were very entertaining for the children.  Then we went along to the elephant show.  The children were able to see how talented elephants can be!  Ms. Kim volunteered to go up on stage and have the elephant walk over her and give her a massage with its foot.  It was really fun to see the looks on the children’s faces! The children then went to see various animals around the park which included: parrots, kangaroos, orangutan, lemurs, owls, hippos, walruses, fish, ostriches. We ate hot dogs and bananas for lunch.  The children were also given a jelly ice-cream as a little treat.  After that we went on the animal tour in our school bus.  The children saw: zebras, deer, bulls, giraffes, camels, storks, giraffes, deer, tigers, lions, bears, peacocks and pelicans.  The children had a really great time!

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