Wells World Cup 2010

July 9, 2010 – World Cup fever catches on to our summer school students at Wells Thong Lor. Although no one represented Thailand in South Africa, everyone felt as if they were playing for the real deal.

The event aimed at highlighting athletic abilities and sportsmanship of students. Additionally, the event was a culmination of real-world learning that began in the classroom. This is a clear evidence that teachers at Wells constantly seek to help children to make sense of what they learn from textbooks by showing how they relate to day-to-day life. Applying classroom learning to different aspects of the World Cup as well as other sporting activities encourage students to enjoy education and learn for the sake of learning!

Supporters of Germany
Japan – proud to represent Asia!
The Four Finalists
Warming-up Before the Match
Wells Version of a Soccer Match
Halftime Entertainment
The Winner of Wells World Cup 2010

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