Welcome to the Jungle Assembly | Wells Thong Lo

Wells Thong Lor transformed into a wild and wonderful jungle, full of color and life. Nursery through to Grade 1 students dressed as their favorite animals for the day, camouflaging nicely into their natural habitat. The day started with a ‘roooar’ as students, teachers and parents danced away to the sounds of the jungle.

The students participated in multiple jungle themed activities; they made their own binoculars, worked collaboratively to imitate the sounds of the jungle, painted aboriginal art, played jungle games and found out some fantastic facts.

Following a fun filled morning, students swung, stomped, hopped and prowled through the jungle room before boarding the jeep to go on safari, taking a virtual journey through the jungle. To book end the day, there was just enough time for one last jungle dance.

Teachers, parents and students worked together to make this day a great success. The costumes, decorations and activities were fantastic and there were lots of smiles from the array of animals that attended school on this joyful jungle bananza!

Grrrrrrrreat job Thong Lor community!
Written by: Ms. Lauren – K3D Homeroom Teacher

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