Students Take the Lead on W51.TV

workout arm rotation
Students help teach the new Wells 51 Workout!

Over the last few weeks, students at Wells ThongLor have been learning about the latest on-campus activities and happenings through W51.TV.

Not only has this “TV” Show proved extremely popular across all grades, it has also opened up avenues for integrating values with class curriculum, instilling love for learning, encouraging student participation, and building school unity. The School-wide Theme (Weeks 9 & 10) at the moment is Current Affairs, and with that comes an exciting new segment on W51.TV called Inside Look.

inside look jiordine
New Field Reporter, Jiordine heads Inside Look

Many of the segments on W51.TV feature what is going on around campus, whereas Inside Look takes on a more detailed News-Documentary styled format.

Auditions for the position of Field Reporter (open to Grades 4 and 5) were held over the course of a week, and finally, Diya and Jiordine were chosen to front Inside Look.

inside look diya
New Field Reporter, Diya heads Inside Look

Other short segments which feature students are segments like Do You Know…? and the Weather Report.

do u know 1_0001
Students love making “cameos” on W51.TV!


  1. Randeep Bhattacharya

    Excellent Production and a very good concept. I would like to congratulate Ms. Shimona and Mr. Nathan for this.

    Randeep Bhattacharya
    Father of Hrithi Bhattacharya – Grade 1 A

  2. Thanks for your kind words and gracious support Mr Randeep.
    Watching kids enjoy school and learning is our pleasure!

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