Parent-Teacher Mixer – A Grand Success

Wells International School (Thong Lor Campus) was turned into a place of feasting and celebration on Friday, September 18, 2009 during its first ever Parent-Teacher Mixer evening. The event was attended by more than 125 visitors, consisting of parents and friends, accompanied by children of all ages. There were also parents and visitors from kindergartens around the Sukhumvit area.

The atmosphere was lively and filled with activities that allowed parents the opportunity to get closer to the school, its educational philosophy, operational practices, and more importantly, dedicated staff. Parents also had the golden opportunity of interacting with other parents. The potluck was a big success as well – a variety of eastern and western dishes were brought in by parents and staff – there was ample food for everyone.

The event began with a short speech by the headmaster who emphasized that the school’s success depends on a healthy home-school relationship. He also stated that the best way to strengthen this relationship is to spend time with each other through discussions about children’s education, as well as understanding and moving toward the accomplishment of a collective vision that works for all. Since time immemorial, eating together has been one of the most effective ways to forge and maintain positive relationship with people. This is the reason why the school chose to organize such an event.

Many parents approached school staff toward the end of the program and expressed their gratitude for the event. The evening was immensely appreciated by all. Parents also requested for more such activities to enable and encourage them to actively participate in their children’s academic/schooling experiences. Having this goal met, it is clear that the Parent-Teacher Mixer was indeed a grand success!

Welcoming parents for the event
Welcoming parents for the event
Picking up the pace
Picking up the pace
Ice-Breaker - The Mixer!
Ice-Breaker – The Mixer!
"Who's Birthday falls in June?" - collecting signatures, a way of getting to know each other better
“Whose Birthday falls in June?” – collecting signatures, a way of getting to know each other better
"Who likes chocolates?" - parents discovering the child inside them
“Who likes chocolates?” – parents discovering the child inside them
The best part - FOOD...!
The best part – FOOD…!

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