Mystery Reader -K3

K3C’s Mystery Reader | Thong Lo Campus

As part of reading month, parents were invited and encouraged to come to class to read stories. The students had fun guessing who the reader might be and were pleasantly surprised at some of the volunteers who arrived at their door.
K3C were joined by Peter Meldrum, the father of Max Meldrum, who read them the classic Dr Seuss tale of The Lorax. The story was written in 1971 and addresses how factories and industry can affect the environment. Still a very apt subject in our day and age, about which the children had many questions.
Thank you Mr. Meldrum for your great reading, K3C thoroughly enjoyed it.  
Reading month continues until the end of March. Please feel free to contact the homeroom teachers if you would like to volunteer. We would love to accommodate you! 

Mr. Anthony – K3C Teacher

Mystery Reader -K3

Mystery Reader -K3

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