100 days of school

Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Our students are officially 100 days brighter! The 100th day of school marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate a major milestone in a child’s academic achievement.

Every year, Wells likes to celebrate the completion of 100 school days with an activity filled event. Here are some of the highlights! 

This year, Mr. Anthony wrote a special song and kicked off the day by singing it at assembly in his own inimitable style! 


In class the students got up to a multitude of learning activities. The nursery class got colorful and creative by decorating “100” themed headbands. 


Similarly, K3 students made a “100” themed hat on which they had to draw groups of ten shapes to make 100. 

100 days of school


In Grade 1 the classes wrote bucket lists, noting down the things they would like to do before they reach 100 years of age. Well, they certainly have a lot of time! They also did a stacking challenge by working in teams, attempting to label and stack 100 cups. 

100 days of School

100 days of School

As you can see from the pictures, these are just a few of the activities!

Thank you teachers and students for making this such a fun and educational landmark! Here’s to many more days of fun filled learning at Wells International School.

100 days of school


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