Careers Month at Wells 51!

March, Careers Month, saw a celebration of a variety of vocations as students took part in an eclectic range of school-wide activities.

First graders took part in a coloring contest where students had to utilize not only their coloring skills, but had to call on their knowledge of whatever careers they were already aware of, second and third graders were treated to Careers Pictionary during recess breaks on two days.

Careers Month culminated in two major events:

The first was a careers presentation aimed at the 4th and 5th graders.

Special guest speakers included…

TV Host/Producer/Journalist – Raine Grady,

Digital Vision Producer for Oxfam – Pooja Kishnani,

Asian Market Development Specialist – Paul Brown,

Social Activist – Dwight Turner,

and Stuntman – Keith Irwin.

Fifth-grader, Jeong Han Lee said of his experience: “I really enjoyed it when the famous career people came and thought us what they do and why they chose that career. Many of the speakers had videos, and presentations to show us what they do. I think that the visit from the speakers was a good experience in our life time to learn about other people’s careers are like. I enjoyed it so much and I want to have it again!!!”

The second event was the much-awaited for Careers Exhibition Day where Lower Elementary students, as well as staff and parents, got to taste the fruits of labor that the 4th and 5th Graders had been working on for the last two months – each student had prepared an exhibit showcasing one particular type of career. It was touching and inspiring to see the little first-graders being shown by their seniors what being a doctor or dentist was all about.

Despite there being about 50 exhibits, the competition was tough, and in the end, only a few emerged as winners: 1st Prize – Ranuli, 2nd Prize – Mizuki, 3rd Prize – Sunisa, Most Popular Award – Amrita, Most Creative Award – Tristan, Most Well-Researched Award –Sami and Vijiyant.

When asked what they had learned from the entire experience of preparing an exhibit for Careers Exhibition Day, here are some of the lessons that students shared:

“I tried my best and I am sure I will work harder next year.” – Ajinkya.

“I have learned how to be more confident. But when I didn’t win the prize, I didn’t feel bad because everyone liked my booth.” – Natcha.

“I learned that if you work hard and go for a goal, you will get what you want!” – Ranuli.

“The lesson I have learned is to be more creative and to do better than before – Do not give up! If I give up, then I will be a loser!” – Bloom.

“My experience was to be happy and proud of myself and others. It was my first lesson about winning and losing. Maybe I made a mistake, but it’s ok because everybody learns from their mistakes.” – Darshan.

“I just feel really nice that I tried really hard. I had a good time and it was worth standing in the sun for an hour!” – Shre.

So in the end, Careers Exhibition Day was an emotional learning experience that many students walked away from with new attitudes towards responsibility, taking pride in their work, working hard, and never giving up.

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Pictures by:
Pooja Kishnani, Theodora Hasiany Sihotang, Shimona Kee.

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