Author's Tea - G1B

Author’s Tea by Grade 1B

Author’s Tea – Grade 1B 

Written by: Mrs. Martin – G1B Homeroom Teacher

Students from Grade 1B engaged in a writing project that integrated the mathematical concept of even numbers. First, students read the story, My Even Day by Doris Fischer and were inspired to create their own animals with even parts.

Author's Tea - G1B

Author's Tea - G1B


Next, they used their creations as characters for a narrative. This was followed by a period of 2 weeks, in which students worked on editing and revising their work. Finally, students published their very own book.



In order to celebrate our students’ perseverance and motivation, we invited parents for an afternoon of stories and snacks. Parents visited every student in the class and provided positive feedback for them.

Author's Tea, Thong Lor Campus

Author's Tea - G1B

The Author’s Tea objectives were to continue to motivate students to work in long term projects, nurture creativity, encourage students to learn from mistakes, enhance reading fluency, and promote pride on student work, all while still focusing on writing conventions and the understanding of even numbers. Job well done Grade 1B.

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