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On Nut – Watching through almost an hour of seemingly futile efforts, the home crowd began wondering if there was even any desire to win on the court. However, Kanny Smith dispelled any doubt by canning a short shot to tie the game with just 6 seconds left in regulation, […]

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Celebrating Teaching & Learning

At Wells International School, teachers are dedicated to providing happy, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences to students. This is seen both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers believe that every child has the potential to learn and become a good citizen. They also believe that every child can and does achieve when he/she is supported with appropriate academic and social-emotional interventions. One of the most unique features of the school is that teachers focus on students’ strengths instead of managing weaknesses/lack/deficits. This is in-line with research findings in positive psychology. When students become aware of and capitalize on their strengths, they succeed and their initial success leads to more successes. Here are some of the evidences of these…