Wells News & Updates

Wells International School maintains a very active presence in social media, making every effort to provide timely information to the school community in order to ensure that current and prospective members of the Wells family are always aware of news and events. Please visit our official pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and current parents can also log in to their Powerschool accounts to receive information about their childrens’ grades, as well as daily school announcements.

Wells International School - Social Media

Wells on Facebook (facebook.com/wellsschool): The majority of Wells updates are provided through the school’s official Facebook page. In addition to photos, documents and news, the site archives milestones in the school’s history, beginning with its founding in 1999. Please browse through the page and feel free to contribute with comments and updates of your own!

Wells on Twitter (twitter.com/wellsschool and @wellsschool): A powerful communication tool, the Wells Twitter account is used primarily as a means of informing the Wells community, sharing current school events and opportunities, and celebrating student accomplishments. The Twitter feed provides the Wells community with personalized insight into the updates, events, experiences, academics, and co-curricular activities happening in our three campuses.

Wells on YouTube (youtube.com/wellsschool): In addition to many Wells-related videos that highlight events, competitions and student achievements, the Wells YouTube page links to videos of Wells in the news. Many of the best student-produced videos for classes and public service projects also become part of the school’s video library.

Wells PowerSchool (ps.wells.ac.th): Produced by Pearson, the largest education company in the world, PowerSchool is a student information system that enables teachers to manage student attendance, assignments and grades through an online interface. All Wells students are issued a PowerSchool account after enrolling at one of the campuses, and both students and parents are able to access using their personal log-in information.


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