Wells Without Walls

During the last week of school (December 11 – 15), the High School community piloted Wells Without Walls (WWW), a week dedicated to learning in various shapes and forms, inside and outside the school walls. A student-centered initiative, students and teachers played a large role in organizing the event and tailoring it to the needs and vision of the high school student body. WWW aimed to provide students with academic, CAS/co-curricular, experiential and service learning opportunities through student and teacher-led workshops, IB Core sessions, life skills courses, action planning meetings, and service learning. Underlying these opportunities is the empowerment of our students and teachers as change-agents and leaders as they explore and showcase their various passions, skills, and talents, through collaboration and teamwork.

Wells Without Walls

Workshop topics included cooking, sewing, service learning action planning, science fiction and extra-terrestrial life, “How to not procrastinate”, emotional intelligence, CAS, Extended Essay (EE), professional email writing, dance workshops, and more. Ms. Amrita’s Environmental Science classes gave presentations about their campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues, which inspired our theme for this week, ‘Every Action Counts’. Everyone in the school was encouraged to share photos of their environmentally-friendly actions on social media to help spread awareness. #EveryActionCounts #WellsWithoutWalls

Other highlights of the week included the IB Group 4 Project, FOBISIA MUN and a Grade 9 field trip to Siriraj Medical Museum. A guest speaker, who has a PhD in Psychology and over thirty years of experience as a counselor, came to share his experiences with our students. On Friday, some of our students collaborated with the maids to learn some cleaning skills and help clean the classrooms. This was real world learning and application at its finest!

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