Wells International Mole Day

A mole is a measurement for the amount of matter in atoms. Surprisingly enough, for all you chemistry haters, we have a day to commemorate this special unit. Created by Avagadro, and thus named “Avagadro’s number,” the mole represents “6.02 X 1023” of anything, much as a dozen represents 12 of anything. Mole Day was created to educate people about the fun of chemistry. It’s an enjoyable way to learn and work with the concept of large numbers. The mole is used to represent large amounts of atoms or molecules that make up substances. This is really useful, especially when you’re using it with real-world applications such as finding the amount of products that chemical reactions will produce.

Mole Day is celebrated on October 23rd every year from 6:02am to 6:02pm. This year our school will be celebrating it on the 20th of October, because the 23rd is a Saturday. We will celebrate by having a Mole Day fundraiser to benefit the grade 10 class. Students will be entitled to a treat of mole cakes, mole-nies, mole-nuts and mole-drinks in mole-cups. We are sure you will enjoy yourself on this spectacular day, so please come out and support us. We expect to give you all at least “a mole of happiness.”

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