University Acceptances

Each year we eagerly wait for our student’s university acceptances.  We are always proud of how much they achieve and accomplish and this year is no different.

Seen here are the latest offers for admissions for our students…

Class of 2021 


Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (601+)

Chulalongkorn University (601+)

Thammasat University (601+)

Mahidol University (1001+)

Srinakharinwirot University/ Nottingham University Medical Program (1001+)

Assumption University 


Waseda University (801+)

Okayama University (801+)

Gakushuin University (47)

Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University (1001+)

Sophia University (1001+)

United Kingdom

King’s College London (35)

University of Exeter (51)

Royal Holloway University of London (301+)

SOAS University of London (501+)

Aberystwyth University (401+)

Anglia Ruskin University (301+)

Liverpool John Moores University (401+)

University of Plymouth (401+)

Northumbria University (351+)

Sheffield Hallam University (301+)

University of West England (401+)

University of Nottingham (158)

University of Leicaster 

University of Newcastle (178)

University of York (133)

University of Manchester (53)

Lancaster University (136)


University of Amsterdam (66)

Utrecht University (75)

Amsterdam University College 

Vrije University Amsterdam (116)

Groningen University (80)

Leiden University (70)

University of Twente (201+)

Radboud University (136)

Tilburg University (201+)

Maastricht University (121)


Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Medical University of Warsaw (801+)


Jacobs University (251+)

United States

University of California – Berkeley (7)

University of California- Riverside (251+)

University of California -Irvine (98)

University of California- Davis (64)

University of California- Santa Cruz (201+)

University of Minnesota (201+)

Indiana University – Bloomington (104)

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Iowa State (401+)

University of South Carolina (401+)

Arizona State University (184)

Denison University (114)

D’Youville College *Athletic Scholarship (Volleyball)

Judson University *Athletic Scholarship (Volleyball)

University of Southern Mississippi *Athletic Scholarship (Tennis)

Penn State University (114)

Fordham University

Clark University (401+)

Loyola Marymount University

Purdue University (94)

Ohio State University (80)

Union College

Franklin & Marshall College

Lewis & Clark College

University of Wisconsin-Madison (49)

Milwaukee School of Engineering 

Michigan Technological University

University of Texas Austin (44)

University of Texas Dallas (301+)

University of Cincinnati (251+)

Connecticut College (401+)

New Jersey Institute of Technology (501+)

Drexel University (351+)

Trinity University 

Rutgers University (166)

University of Oregon (301+)


University of Victoria (351+)

University of Toronto (18)

Ryerson University (601+)

Simon Fraser University (251+)

University of British Columbia (34)

McGill University (40)

University of Alberta (131)

University of York (401+)

University of Ottawa (145)

University Waterloo (201+)

Carleton University (501+)


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (96)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University (39)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (56)

City University of Hong Kong (126)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (56)


University of Sydney (51)

University of Queensland (62)

Monash University (64)

University of New South Wales

*Numbers indicate University World Ranking 2021 by TimesUK

Class of 2020


Pennsylvania State University (World Ranking 11)
UC San Diego (
World Ranking 31)
University of Illinois (
World Ranking = 48)
UC Santa Barbara (
World Ranking 57)
University of Minnesota (
World Ranking = 79)
Purdue University (
World Ranking = 88)
Depauw University (World Ranking = 116)
University of Colorado (World Ranking =124)
Indiana University (World Ranking = 134 )
Northeastern University (World Ranking = 173)
University of Iowa (World Ranking = 201–250)
University of South Florida (World Ranking = 201–250)
Virginia Tech (World Ranking = 201–250)
Quinnipiac University (World Ranking = 261)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (World Ranking = 401–500)
SUNY Buffalo (World Ranking = 401–500)
University of South Carolina (World Ranking = 401–500)
University of Oklahoma (World Ranking = 401–500)
Delaware State University (World Ranking 501-600)
Lesley University (World Ranking = 501-600)
SUNY Binghamton (World Ranking 501–600)

University of Toronto (World Ranking = 18)
University of British Columbia (World Ranking = 34)
York University (World Ranking = 128)
University of Victoria (World Ranking = 301–350 )

Imperial College London (World Ranking = 10)
University College London (World Ranking = 15)
University of Edinburgh (World Ranking = 30)
King College London (World Ranking = 36)
University of Manchester (World Ranking = 55)
University of Amsterdam (World Ranking = 62)
Baths University (World Ranking = 251–300 )

University of Sydney World Ranking = 60)
Monash University (World Ranking = 75)
Asia (Non-Thai) :
Kwansei Gakuin University (World Ranking = 1001+ ) *Japan
Doshisha University (World Ranking = 1001+ ) *Japan
Tokyo University of the Arts (World Ranking = 36 )
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (World Ranking = 47 )
Chinese University of Hong Kong (World Ranking = 57 )
Hong Kong Poly University (World Ranking = 171 )


Mahidol University Dentistry (World Ranking = 601–800 th)
Chulalongkorn University (World Ranking = 801–1000 th )
Thammasat University (World Ranking = 1001+ )
Chulabhorn Medical University
Rangsit University Medical Program

Class of 2019

United States

University of Washington (World Ranking = 28)

Pennsylvania State University (World Ranking = 81)

Arizona State University (World Ranking = 123)

Rutgers University (World Ranking = 176)

University of Alabama (World Ranking = 401-500)

University of Iowa (World Ranking = 201-250)

University at Buffalo-SUNY (World Ranking = 201-250)

Stony Brook University-SUNY (World Ranking = 251-300)

University of Colorado Boulder (World Ranking = 114)

Washington State University (World Ranking = 301-350)

University of Illinois at Chicago (World Ranking = 251-300)

University of Oregon (World Ranking = 251-300)

Michigan State (World Ranking = 93)

Purdue University (World Ranking = 64)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (World Ranking = 501-600)

University of California Davis (World Ranking = 59)

University of California Irvine (World Ranking = 96)

University of California Santa Barbara (World Ranking = 52)

Occidental College (World Ranking = 94)

Colgate University (World Ranking = 53)

University of Arizona (World Ranking = 159)

University of South Carolina Upstate (World Ranking = 800)

Clark University (World Ranking =251-300)

Miami University (World Ranking = 601-800)

Michigan Technological University (World Ranking = 350-400)

Colorado State University (World Ranking = 401-500)

University of Delaware (World Ranking = 251-300)

Fordham University (World Ranking = 601-800 )

Rochester Institute of Technology (World Ranking = 601-800)

Stevens Institute of Technology  (World Ranking = 501-600)

Northeastern University (World Ranking = 184)

Brandeis University (World Ranking = 201-250)

Boston University (World Ranking = 74)

North Carolina State University (World Ranking = 251-300 )


University of British Columbia (World Ranking = 37)

University of Toronto (World Ranking = 21)

Simon Fraser University (World Ranking = 251-300)

University of Waterloo (World Ranking = 201-250)

Mcmaster University (World Ranking = 77)

University of Victoria (World Ranking =301-350)

UK and Europe:

London School of Economics and Political Science (World Ranking = 26)

Warwick Business School (World Ranking = 79)

University of Manchester (World Ranking = 57)

University of Lancaster (World Ranking = 146)

Glion Institute of Higher Education na

Le Roches na


Hong Kong University (World Ranking = 36)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (World Ranking = 41)

Chulalongkorn University (World Ranking = 801-1000)

Thammasat University (World Ranking = 1001+)

Mahidol University (World Ranking = 601-800)

King Mongkut Institute of Technology (World Ranking = 1000+ )

Hokkaido University (World Ranking = 401-500)

Kyushu University (World Ranking = 401-500)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University na

Korea university (World Ranking = 198)

Class of 2018

UK and Europe

University of Southampton
University of Exeter
University of Nottingham
Brunel University
Cardiff University
Lancaster University
University of Bristol
University of Hull
University of Sheffield
University of Birmingham
University of Manchester
University of Edinburgh
University College London
King’s College London
University of Warwick
York St John University
University of Sussex
Regent’s University London
Nottingham Trent University
Leiden University (Netherlands)
Utrecht University (Netherlands)
Amsterdam University College (Netherlands)
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Poznan University of Medical Science (Poland)


University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Davis
University of Washington
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Minnesota
Northeastern University
New York University
Washington State University
Fordham University
Pepperdine University
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Clark University
Beloit University
Willamette University
Augustina College
Denison University
Hofstra University
Clarkson University
Quinnipiac University
Drury University
Alma College
University of Massachusetts
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Oregon
Laverne University


University of Toronto
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Ryerson University
Trent University
University of British Columbia
McGill University
Simon Fraser University


Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Mahidol University (Thailand)
Thammasat University (Thailand)
Seoul National University (S. Korea)
Korea Univesity (S.Korea)
Yonsei University (S. Korea)
National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Nanyang Tecnological University (Singapore)
National University Singapore (Singapore)


Monash University
University of Melbourne
Macquarie University

Class of 2017

United States and Canada:

Mcgill University (Canada)
New York University
Boston University
University of California Los Angeles
Pennsylvania State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Hult University
Hofstra University
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Illinois College
Loyola Marymount University
Fordham University
Pepperdine University
Whitter College
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ithaca College
Hult International Business School (San Francisco)
Kalamazoo College
Chapman University

New Zealand:

University of Auckland
Massey University


University of Manchester (U.K.)
Queen Mary University of London (U.K.)
University of Salford (U.K.)
Imperial College London (U.K.)
London Metropolitan University (U.K.)
Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Radboud University (Netherlands)
University Carlos (Spain)


Chulalongkorn University
Thammasart University
Mahidol University
Stamford International College
Dusit Thani College

Asia Abroad:

National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Xian Jiaotong- Liverpool University (China)
Waseda University (Japan)

Class of 2016

California Institute of Technology (1)U.S.A.
Georgia Institute of Technology (41)U.S.A.
Duke University (20)U.S.A.
Northwestern University (25)U.S.A.
Cornell University (18)U.S.A.
Purdue UniversityU.S.A.
University of Wisconsin-Madison (50)U.S.A.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyU.S.A.
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (36)U.S.A.
Hampshire CollegeU.S.A.
Pennsylvania State University (75)U.S.A.
Simon Fraser University, CanadaCanada
University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of Northern British ColumbiaCanada
Clark UniversityU.S.A.
UC Los Angeles (16)U.S.A.
UC San Diego (39)U.S.A.
UC Davis (44)U.S.A.
UC Berkeley (13)U.S.A.
Los Angeles Film SchoolU.S.A.
Hult International School of BusinessU.S.A.
Texas A&M UniversityU.S.A.
University of VirginiaU.S.A.
Rice UniversityU.S.A.
Swarthmore CollegeU.S.A.
New York University (30)U.S.A.
University of Michigan (21)U.S.A.
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteU.S.A.
Washington State UniversityU.S.A.
University at Albany-SUNYU.S.A.
Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJapan
Osaka UniversityJapan
City University of Hong KongHong Kong
Asia Pacific University, JapanJapan
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Thammasart UniversityThailand
Mahidol UniversityThailand
Rangsit UniversityThailand
Hong Kong University (44)Hong Kong
Yale-NUS (26)Singapore
Korean Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologySouth Korea
Korea UniversitySouth Korea
Swinburne University of TechnologyAustralia
National Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan
Fu Jen Catholic UniversityTaiwan
Europe & UK
Exeter University (93)U.K.
University of NewcastleU.K.
University of DundeeU.K.
Utrecht University, Netherlands (56)Netherlands

( )* Rankings as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings


Class of 2015

Northwestern UniversityU.S.A
Seoul National UniversityKorea
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong
Hong Kong UniversityHong Kong
King’s College LondonUnited Kingdom
University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
Ohio Wesleyan UniversityU.S.A
London Metropolitan UniversityUnited Kingdom
University of BuckinghamUnited Kingdom
Greenwich School of ManagementUnited Kingdom
Aberdeen UniversityUnited Kingdom
Monash UniversityAustralia
University of San FranciscoU.S.A
Singapore Institute of ManagementSingapore
Poznan University of Medical SciencesPoland
Mahidol UniversityThailand
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
National Chengchi UniversityTaiwan
Thammasart UniversityThailand
Rangsit UniversityThailand


Class of 2014

University (2014)Country
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Clark UniversityUSA
Cooper Union UniversityUSA
Drexel UniversityUSA
Florida Institute of TechnologyUSA
Fordham UniversityUSA
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSA
Grinnell CollegeUSA
Hofstra UniversityUSA
James Cook UniversitySingapore Campus
King Mongkut Institute of Technology ThonburiThailand
La Verne UniversityUSA
Lewis & Clark CollegeUSA
Mahidol UniversityThailand
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan
Ohio UniversityUSA
Purdue UniversityUSA
Randolph CollegeUSA
Rangsit University Medical ProgramThailand
Seattle UniversityUSA
Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
State University of New York at AlbanyUSA
State University of New York at BinghamtonUSA
State University of New York at PlattsburgUSA
State University of New York at Stony BrookUSA
Thammasart UniversityThailand
University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of Buffalo (SUNY)USA
University of OsakaJapan
University of Puget SoundUSA
University of North CarolinaUSA
University of RochesterUSA
University of San FranciscoUSA
University of VictoriaCanada
University of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA
Willamette UniversityUSA


Class of 2013

University Country
Academia ItalianaThailand
Adelphi UniversityUSA
Assumption UniversityThailand
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Colorado State UniversityUSA
Drexel UniversityUSA
Florida Institute of TechnologyUSA
Fordham UniversityUSA
Le Cordon Blue AustraliaAustralia
Leiden UniversityNetherlands
Mahidol UniversityThailand
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan
National University of SingaporeSingapore
Northeastern UniversityUSA
Ohio State UniversityUSA
Pennsylvania State UniversityUSA
Rice UniversityUSA
State University of New York at BinghamtonUSA
Temple UniversityUSA
Thammasart UniversityUSA
Tulane UniversityUSA
University of California, BerkeleyUSA
University of California, Los AngelesUSA
University of California, San DiegoUSA
University of California, Santa BarbaraUSA
University of EvansvilleUSA
University of Illinois at ChicagoUSA
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUSA
University of Massachusetts AmherstUSA
University of MelbourneAustralia
University of Michigan/Jiao Tong University Joint ProgramChina/U.S.A.
University of MinnesotaUSA
University of SouthamptonUK
University of SunderlandUK
University of SussexUK
University of VirginiaUSA
University of WestminsterUSA
University of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA


Class of 2012

University (2012)Country
Art Institute of CaliforniaUSA
Assumption UniversityThailand
Boston UniversityUSA
China Medical UniversityChina
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Columbia College ChicagoUSA
Deakin UniversityAustralia
Dean CollegeUSA
Drexel UniversityUSA
Florida Institute of TechnologyUSA
Fashion Institute of Design and MerchandisingUSA
Goucher CollegeUSA
Huazhong University of Science & TechnologyChina
Idaho State UniversityUSA
Kasetsart UniversityThailand
Loyola Marymount UniversityUSA
Lasalle College of the ArtsSingapore
Mahidol UniversityThailand
Missouri State UniversityUSA
Monash UniversityAustralia
New York Institute of TechnologyUSA
New York UniversityUSA
State University of New York at BinghamtonUSA
State University of New York at BuffaloUSA
Sun Yat-sen UniversityChina
Thammasart UniversityThailand
University of the Arts LondonUK
University of Nebraska- LincolnUSA
University of the PacificUSA
University of WyomingUSA
Washington State UniversityUSA
Webster UniversityThailand Campus
Westminster College (Missouri)USA
Widener  UniversityUSA


Class of 2011

University Country
Assumption UniversityThailand
Bangkok UniversityThailand
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Colorado State UniversityUSA
Handong Global UniversitySouth Korea
Lafayette CollegeUSA
Kasetsart UniversityThailand
Mahidol UniversityThailand
Monash UniversityAustralia
Purdue UniversityUSA
Seoul National UniversityUSA
Silpakorn UniversityUSA
State University of New York at Stony BrookUSA
Thammasat UniversityThailand
University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of California, DavisUSA


Class of 2010

University Country
Assumption UniversityThailand
Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand
Hawaii Pacific UniversityUSA
International College of Hotel and ManagementAustralia
Kasetsart UniversityThailand
King Mongkut’s Institute of TechnologyThailand
Mahidol UniversityThailand
Rangsit UniversityThailand
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityJapan
Singapore Institute of ManagementSingapore
St. John’s UniversityUSA
Tamkang UniversityTaiwan
Thammasart UniversityThailand
University of the Arts LondonUK
University of NottinghamUK
Victoria UniversityAustralia
Yonsei UniversitySouth Korea


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