KIS Dance Competition

On November 30, two teams from high school and one from middle school recently participated in the ‘ Inter- School Dance Competition ‘ (AISSA So you think you can dance) hosted by KIS and won 1st place in both these categories as well as a 3rd place in the high school category.


The middle school dancers used a variety of dance styles ranging from Ballet to Hip Hop to Tap and even the cha cha and a variety of music from different eras to compliment these styles. Some of the songs used were ‘Singing in the rain – Gene Kelly’ and ‘Barbie Girl – Aqua’. They received some great comments from the judges regarding their fantastic costume changes , use of the floor space, and team work on stage. We feel our middle school dancers have a lot of potential especially as all of them have interesting characters that contribute to an entertaining and fun dance team.


The winning high school team had their lead dancer exhibit a beautiful Ballet/contemporary piece, followed by strong Hip Hop, Dance hall, and Street jazz styles performed by the girls with great confidence. The other high school team that also won 3rd place chose to express themselves through Hip Hop and street jazz moves. Their performance was a tribute to the International pop star/ singer and great dancer – ‘Beyonce’ .The Judges seemed to be moved by how well they supported each other which in turn brought great energy on stage.


For a lot of the students here at Wells, dancing is their passion. It is something that really motivates them to become better, not only in dance but also as a team, it instills discipline in a friendly way. In the one month of preparation for the competition, they learned to accept their differences, become responsible of their own actions, work under pressure and take criticism positively. We are growing our effort to channel this passion in the right direction with continued efforts all throughout the year .


Well done dancers!
Written By: Ms. Vallary

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