On Saturday, February 3, thirteen of our Wells MUN Club members attended the first ICSMUN conference. Three of our members were chairs of different committees: Shreya Silori (Grade 12), Devanshi Mehta (Grade 11), and Lila Al Tamimi (Grade 11). The remaining members served as delegates in their respective committees, including ECOSOC, Human Rights Council, and Security Council. Student delegates discussed, debated, and collaborated on proposing solutions to major relevant global issues, from the question of mining the arctic to LGBTQ rights.

We are proud of all of our delegates and our newer members who displayed courage in standing up to speak and debate important global issues. A special congratulations to Lina Puthengot for being awarded ‘Best Delegate’ in the SPECPOL committee.
 Model United Nations
The MUN Club members are looking forward to the next major MUN event, THAIMUN, in April!

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