channel 3 news

IB Thai Field Trip to Channel 3 News

channel 3 news

On Tuesday, February 20, the IB Language A: Thai Language and Literature students went on a field trip to Channel 3 as part of an extension of their curriculum in which they are studying the way mass media uses language and images to inform, persuade, or entertain. Students have been learning and discussing the ways language is used in the media. On their field trip, they received the chance to meet with a media team and discuss these topics with them. The students even made it onto live television! 

Channel 3 news


Watch the video here and see the class featured at around 13:20


Channel 3 news

Wells would like to extend a special thanks to the media team and to Channel 3 for hosting us.

It was a valuable learning experience for our students.

Written by: Ms. Ae

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