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IB Psychology Trip: Chulalongkorn University

IB Psychology   

  On November 15th, 2017, Ms. Viessa and Ms. Chawisa took some Grade 11 andGrade 12 IB Psychology students to the Psychology Department at Chulalongkorn University. The students first met with a professor of Clinical Psychology for a Q&A session. After that, they visited the counselling department and were given an in depth understanding about how various counseling sessions are run, and what the experience is like for patients. The students discovered the purpose of play therapy in the play therapy room and gained an understanding of the facilitations of the different techniques/tools that are used to help children. They also had a chance to attend a Psychology lecture class in university where they participated in an experiment and learned about the Facial Feedback Hypothesis on emotions. Mr. Karin then shared information about admission requirements to Chulalongkorn with the students. The day ended when the Grade 11 students participating in a Scavenger Hunt created by the Grade 12 students. Overall, the whole day was as insightful experience with newly gained knowledge especially for those who wish to major in Psychology.

Special thanks to Ms. Viessa, Jajaa (G.12) , Mr. Karin, and Ms. Chawisa for organizing this inspiring event.

Written by: Keerat Sethichaiyen and Sunisa Kogar (Grade 12)

IB Psychology

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