On the 28th of January, fifteen students from Wells attended the BKKMUN XXIX conference in Bangkok Patana School. This was the first Model United Nations (MUN) conference for six of our students, and they all had a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. Attending conferences like BKKMUN allows for students to develop their public speaking and social confidence, skills which help extend and apply what is learned in the classroom.



Here are some of the reflections that participating students shared about their learning experiences: 


“As someone who has been a delegate many times, it was exciting to be able to chair, not just for any committee, but for the Historical Special Operations Committee (HSOC), one of the most unique and fun committees out there. It was tiring and laborious writing the countless documents needed in preparation for this event, and running around from room to room hand delivering messages, reading communiques and coordinating the event with my fellow chairs. However, the blast I had watching things unfold and the people I met made up for all of it.” 

– Sameer Gathia (Class of 2024)

“Although I have attended many MUN conferences so far, this conference had the friendliest people whom I was able to socialize with. They encouraged me to speak out, so I gained more confidence when giving a speech.” 

-Risa Takahashi (Class of 2024)


“This was my fourth MUN conference, and it was one of the best conferences I have been to. The delegates around me challenged me to speak out loud in a way I normally do not do. As a Wells MUN club leader, this conference has made me further realize that MUN really helps one become a different person, and it helps students develop skills that will stick with them throughout their whole lives.”

-Tanish Kedia (Class of 2024)

“This conference was one of the many MUN conferences I have been to so far. I was expecting this conference to not be fun because of the topic I had to discuss but this conference turned out to be a really fun conference where I was not only able to make new friends but also learn more about an issue that I was not aware of.”

-Franny Pandya (Class of 2024)


“This was my first in-person MUN conference after a while of doing online conferences due to Covid-19. I had a great time meeting all of my friends there and being able to get back into the loop of MUN.”

-Nicole (Class of 2023)


Written By: Tanish Kedia, Class of 2024

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