2018 Primary School Spelling Bee – On Nut Campus

Each year, the Wells primary school conducts an in house spelling bee, following the rules and format from the Scripps National Spelling Bee based in the United States. Every student participated in the knock out rounds during class time, in order to be the final six contestants for the 2018 Wells Primary School Spelling Bee. Congratulations to our 2018 Spelling Bee winners:

20180607_091216 Grade 5

1st Place – Anaya Laddha

2nd Place – Ryou Tominaga

3rd Place – Karan Khurana






Grade 4:

1st Place – Heyeon Kim

2nd Place – Femhiya Syeda

3rd Place –  Wataru Nakamura20180608_102357






Grade 2: 

1st Place – Maxime Potuznik

2nd Place – Tanisha Singh

3rd Place – Haven Thorsby




Grade 1:

20180608_1044181st Place – Palakshi Karmakar

2nd Place – Queenie Chan

3rd Place – Eric ChowdhuryIMG-20180608-WA0018






Grade 3:

1st Place – Vivan Jain

2nd Place – Joshua Lee

3rd Place – Don Charoenvisal


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