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2018 March/April Newsletter – Wells Primary School, On Nut Campus

Times Around the World
Mr. David – Grade 2A Homeroom Teacher

Recently we have been studying time in grade two.  Using the mechanical gear clocks students have been exploring how the hands move around the clock face.   Each student has make their own paper plate clocks showing times to the hour, quarter hour, half hour, and quarter till.  We also practiced telling time to five minute increments. When problem solving students worked with class and train schedules to determine when future events will happen. We then decided to study time for International Day!  Each student selected a country and city that they are interested in.  On March 6th at 2:30 P.M. we looked up the time and date for each of those cities.  We discovered that most places had a different time and that some places where just waking up.  We also saw that some cities, such as Seattle, were still March 5th!



Primary School Sports Day 2018  
Ms. Dana – Grade 5A Homeroom Teacher

Who will run the fastest?  Who will pull the hardest? Who will balance the longest?  These were the questions buzzing around Wells International School on the Monday of Sports Day.  Students from grade 1 to grade 5 worked together in their house teams to complete various feats of strength, speed, and athleticism.  There were some disappointing defeats, but also moments of pride where students were able to pull together and accomplish something great.  At the end of the day, everyone had a great time.

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Measurement in Grade 4
Mr. Snider
Head of Primary and Grade 4A Homeroom Teacher
In math, class 4A has been exploring measurement. The textbook focuses on standard metric measurements (meters, grams, and liters), converting between units, and solving problems with these measurements. In order to enrich the unit, class 4A has been doing hands-on stations using the standard metric measurements, but then have gone way beyond this. The class has been using a wide variety of tools and instruments to measure all sorts of things, including temperature, humidity, decibel levels around the school, water purity using a TDS meter, water density, and volume with a variety of tools. The idea behind the stations is for students to learn all the different ways measurement affects and influences our lives, while having fun doing so.
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Reading Olympics 2018
Mr. Steve – Grade 4B Homeroom Teacher
The primary school has been promoting March as our month of reading in an event called the Reading Olympics. Students were engaged with meaningful reading opportunities all month long to support a love for reading and to encourage more reading among students. For the first weekly event, students wore shirts with words and were instructed to ‘Read My Shirt’. Students also participated in a Relax and Read where students were invited to cozy up in the gymnasium with a blanket and pillow to enjoy their favorite book. Other events included a bookmark designing competition, a used book sale, an author workshop and a big Raz Kids challenge where grades competed to see who could read the most at home. What a fully booked month of events! A huge congratulations to the following students for their win in the RAZ Kids reading competition as well as the bookmark competition.
Read My Shirt Day
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Relax and Read Day
An Afternoon with an Illustrator – Mr Jose Ortega
Used Book Sale
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Character Dress Up
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Author’s Workshop- Ms. Anna Manuel 
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Grade Top Reader #1 (Name/Points Earned) Top Reader #2 (Name/Points Earned) Top Reader #3 (Name/Points Earned)
1A Queenie (31,660) Palakshi (22,310) Yong Jun (18,830)
2A Suthavee (22,470) Feya (22,430) Luca (21,560)
3A Ricky- 53,780 Hrishika- 6,930 Khamin- 5,150
3B Lester 13,370 Don-9630 Naresha -7,070
4A Wataru/7,650 Veer/3,090 Aaron/2,850
4B 5,670 sean 4,780 yume 4,780 jarryd
5A Janice 60,780 Fine 34,450 Aanya 30,200
5B Nene 26,540 Ally 21,750 Ryou 8,640


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Grade First Place Second Place
Grade 1 Monica Palakshi
Grade 2 Qasim Feya
Grade 3 Ricky Sosuke
Grade 4 Kanon Issa
Grade 5 Anwen Janice

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Songkran Splash with the Primary School Parent Committee

Primary school parents committee sponsored a Songkran festival complete with games using water and loads of prizes. The feeling of community and festivities permeated the hot afternoon. The students started their Songkran holidays with a bit of fun from our parents.
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Spring Concert 2018 – Wells Walk of Fame 
May 17 (Thursday)
3:00 – 4:00 Pre-Show Booths and Refreshments 
3:30 – 4:15 Pre- Show @ Auditorium
4:30 – 6:30 Wells Walk of Fame Feature Show @ Gym
Have you ever visited Hollywood Boulevard, with the popular sidewalk covered in honorary stars? This year’s Spring Concert will be transporting our audience to Los Angeles! Come join our students as they take you on a journey through famous movie soundtracks from animations like Lion King to the all time favorite, Titanic. The Visual and Performing Arts department invite you on a tour through iconic movie reenactments, dazzling vocal arrangements, exciting   instrumentals and sensational dances in our “Wells Walk of Fame

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