Wells International School Bang Na Grade 1 Field Trip to Suan Dusit Zoo

For our second class field trip of the year, Grade 1 went to the Dusit Zoo! We saw a lot of amazing creatures, from antelopes to zebras, and everything in between.

There were so many places to explore, and we were able to learn a lot about the creatures with whom we share this earth! Even though the creepy-crawlies were a little scary, the reptile room was probably our favorite spot (and the air-con was a big plus on such a hot day.)

We saw a huge variety of colorful snakes and lizards up close, and had fun trying to spot the hidden or sleeping ones.  The large animals spent most of their time eating; we even got to see a bear taking a nice, cool bath in the river around his habitat.

The Seal Show was another popular event with everyone at the zoo, not just our class. We were able to watch two very well-trained seals do some amazing tricks in and out of the water! Even though it was a very hot day, we loved the Dusit Zoo!

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