Wells BangNa Nursery and K1 Students Host Successful Farmer’s Market

For their final Unit of Inquiry, the nursery and K1 students at Wells BangNa embarked on an inspiring journey of learning about the impact of their actions on the world around them. As a culmination of their efforts, the students organized a remarkable farmer’s market where they showcased their creativity, promoted sustainability, and supported a worthy cause. This vibrant event not only provided a platform for the young learners to share their creations but also fostered collaboration with local gardeners and gave back to the community through a charitable donation.

Under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, the students at Wells BangNa nursery and K1 levels put their knowledge into action by organizing a farmer’s market brimming with enthusiasm and purpose. The event aimed to highlight the importance of sustainable practices, emphasize the value of recycling, and support local agriculture.

One of the unique aspects of this farmer’s market was the students’ focus on using recycled materials supplied by their parents to create their merchandise. The little entrepreneurs demonstrated their creativity by transforming discarded items over one month into one-of-a-kind treasures. Their commitment to reducing waste and re purposing materials not only showcased their artistic abilities but also underscored the significance of environmental consciousness.

In addition to their own creations, the students joined forces with local farmers, Ms Sunny and Mr Chai, to cultivate seedlings and create nutrient-rich soil for their market. This hands-on experience allowed the young learners to understand the essential role of agriculture in our daily lives. By working side by side with these experienced farmers, the students gained invaluable knowledge about plant cultivation, nurturing, and sustainable farming practices.

As part of their broader commitment to making a positive impact, the students collaborated with their music teacher to organize a small concert in the garden during the farmer’s market. The musical performances added an extra touch of joy and entertainment, creating a lively atmosphere for everyone present.

With their innovative products and heartfelt performances, the students worked diligently in shifts to sell their crafts to their families, friends, and classmates. The farmer’s market not only provided a valuable learning opportunity but also served as a platform for the students to practice important skills such as communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

The highlight of the event was the students’ decision to donate the earnings from the farmer’s market to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). By choosing to contribute to this renowned organization, the students demonstrated their understanding of the global importance of wildlife conservation. With their collective efforts, the students successfully raised an impressive 12,000 baht to support the WWF’s mission which will be combined with donations from the summer concert by String Chamber Thailand.

The farmer’s market organized by the nursery and K1 students at Wells BangNa was a resounding success, showcasing the young learners’ creativity, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to making a positive impact. Through their innovative use of recycled materials, collaboration with local farmers, and charitable donation, these students proved that age is no barrier to creating meaningful change.

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