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Weekly Wednesday Assembly at Wells Bang Na

Weekly Wednesday Assembly at Wells Bang Na

By Michael Barnes, Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

The Wednesday Weekly Assemblies have continued to be a growing success at Wells Bang Na. The Kindergarten 3 to Grade 4 students interact with each other and feel a presence of school unity. Each week teachers and staff work together to create activities that are fun and engaging for students. “The freeze dance assembly was the best one! It was fun because we got to dance using so many different poses,” said Nina of first grade. “The assemblies are an exciting way for students to learn more about their teacher and classmates”, mentioned Teacher David. “I enjoy how Wells Bang Na keeps students engaged even when online learning can be challenging”.

The Talent Show

Our most successful assembly to date was the Talent Show. This assembly asked students of all grades to reflect on their creative talents and showcase them to the school. “My talent was memorizing multiplication numbers,” said Abhiram of Grade 3. “I wanted to show my friends at school how fast I am at multiplying. Prince of Grade 2 demonstrated a Buddhist chant connecting with his traditional Thai cultural roots. “It was my moment to show and make people interested in chanting. It was a great chance to make merit for the school,” mentioned Prince.

The Pet Parade

Even Grade 4 got into the mix of weekly assemblies. They planned and implemented a Pet Parade where teachers and students could showcase their furry friends inside their homes.   “Preparing for the assembly was a lot of work. The teachers who plan them make it seem so easy,” said Jai Jai and Mira of Grade 4. Everyone enjoyed seeing all of the different varieties of house pets. “I loved seeing everyone’s pets. But it was also fun to show off my dog to the whole school,” remarked Quinn of grade 3. 

As we continue with online learning, our weekly assemblies will remain a staple every Wednesday. Teachers and staff are working hard to offer our students the best in fun and holistic activities to develop our students’ bodies and minds. We look forward to our weekly assemblies, and we hope our students do too!



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