The International Festival – Wells BangNa

Wells Bang Na’s learners are global citizens who represent an array of cultures and nations. On February 24th, our campus held the International Festival 2023. This event marked the very first international day celebration since the global pandemic, which really brought families and teachers together in planning a fantastic event! This event was an excellent way to promote cultural awareness and understanding, as well as to build a sense of community among students.

The day began with a flag parade. Everyone gathered at the early years building and paraded down the lane. It was wonderful to see everyone waving their flags proudly. Next, our students and parents showed off their traditional styles during our catwalk of nations. There were cheers of excitement from the audience, showing strong support for each other.

Everyone was amazed at the beautiful performances put on by our students and parents. The early years students were energetic yet composed drummers and dancers. The older students performed John Lennon’s inspiring song “Imagine”. The Indian community shared various dances from different parts of their country. The Thai teacher’s assistants choreographed their own dance, too!

The country booths featured fun games, activities and crafts that helped everyone learn more about the nations represented in our school community. Lebanon, Myanmar, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, India, France, and The Philippines were set up as destinations for the students to visit. 

Lastly, the food festival provided yummy treats and a festive atmosphere for everyone to connect. Overall, the International Festival was a fantastic way to promote cultural understanding, celebrate diversity, and build a sense of community within the school.

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