Second Grade Star Gazing at Wells Bang Na

Patterns in the Sky

The grade 2 class at Wells Bang Na inquired into patterns around us that help us to understand our world, such as night/day, seasons and moon phases. Ms. Ellie’s class became scientists as they conducted experiments to observe these patterns and took daily journals to see what patterns they could notice in the sun and moon.


Star gazing Sleepover

To conclude this unit and encourage students to become independent, the whole class stayed after school on Friday, the night of the full moon, to observe and reflect on what they had learned. Students got to use a telescope to look closer at the moon. They also used star apps to find constellations and did a lot of looking at the sky, noticing that Venus was the first star they could see. They also had pizza, played games and read books in a tent! It was a very fun night! The grade 2 students are still talking about how exciting it was to spend the night with their friends!



Sleepover 1


By Elizabeth Frantz-Larson

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