WIS On Nut Primary School Newsletter – March 2019

Grade 1A Butterfly Farm Field Trip

by Ms. Kaylie Chong – Grade 1A Homeroom Teacher

For our last field trip of the school year, grade 1 went to Chatuchak Butterfly Farm to supplement our social studies unit. In class, we have been learning about how animals and plants grow. At the Butterfly Farm, students took a tour of the museum which was filled with informative displays, posters, and videos about various butterflies, moths, and insects. Students not only read and heard about the life cycle of butterflies but had the opportunity to see the life cycle stages in person. Students were shown the egg stage, the caterpillar stage, the cocoon stage, and the butterfly stage. Then, everyone was encouraged to hold and release a butterfly. Overall, this experience enriched the grade 1 curriculum by providing students with real-life examples of current social studies topics.

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Happy Pie Day – Grade 4 Math Unit
 by Ms. Stephanie Dempsey – Grade 4B Homeroom Teacher
Pi (π) in mathematics is used to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it’s diameter. While Pi is a never ending number, the first three digits are 3.14. On March 14, students around the world celebrate “Pi Day”. Students in 4B did many fun activities to celebrate such as reading about the history of Pi, finding antonyms for math words, and word scrambles. But the highlight of the day was our math lesson. To tie in Chapter 8 – Fractions, the students were treated to pizza (sometimes referred to as “pies“) and had fun creating fractions, equivalent fractions, and simplifying fractions relating to the pizza slices.
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Sports Day 2019 
by Ms. Maneka Chawla – Grade 3B Homeroom Teacher
What an awesome day the children had on Friday, March 1st at Wells On Nut for their annual Sports Day.  Students were divided into White, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red and Blue house.  They took part in various types of sports and activities ranging from Obstacle course to Relay Race.  This year we introduced Basketball, Soccer and Swimming as part of our Sports Day activity as well. The day started off with students and teachers completing all the activities in the Coliseum, Playground and Under the Bridge.    Subsequently, students were part of sprint, relay, soccer, basketball and swimming.  In high spirit, we had our lunch break and were treated to delicious ice-cream by our generous parents. We concluded our day with competitive but friendly Tug-of-War contests.  By the end of the day, we were all exhausted but had such a fantastic and fun filled day!  Overall, win or lose, students and teachers learned about sportsmanship and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.




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Forces and Motion – Grade 5 Science Unit
by Mr. Will Peckenham – Grade 5A Homeroom Teacher
In the current fifth grade science unit, the students have been working with forces and motion. They have been exploring the ways that forces affect us in every instance of our lives and how we rely on simple machines to apply and multiply forces every day. In order to get hands on with these concepts, students have been building chain reaction machines inspired by the overly complicated contraptions depicted by the cartoonist Rube Goldberg. Using what we have in the classroom, and bringing a wide variety of supplies from home, the students have found creative, exciting, and absolutely bizarre ways to allow forces to affect different objects and cause chain reactions to raise flags, sort different sized marbles, launch a paper airplane, as well as many other impressive results. It’s been a lot of fun so far and we’re all excited to show off our finished products!
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Weather and Natural Disasters – Grade 3 Science Unit
by Ms. Kayla Long – Grade 3A Homeroom Teacher
During our unit on weather and natural disasters, grade 3 wanted to study more about weather patterns and predicting weather. We discussed the importance of being able to observe, collect data, and make predictions based on what we observed. Students realized that if it wasn’t for people being able to predict weather, there would be many natural disasters and types of weather that we would not be prepared for. Once a day for about a week we went out onto the playground to make observations about the weather. They recorded the temperature, precipitation, wind direction, and wrote down their observations of the sky and how it felt outside. Once they collected that information, we came back to class and made predictions about what we thought the weather would be the next day. The students really enjoyed being able to go outside and experience what it was like to be fully aware of the weather that was going on around them. They were able to make very insightful comments and use their observations to come up with plausible predictions for the next day. We always looked forward to spending a part of our day in the fresh air and sunshine.
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