Whole School Deep Clean

Grade 2 Takes Action

To take action in our inquiry cycle, students in grade 2 were asked to do something to make their community a better place. Students proposed different projects. Then we all voted on the one we thought would help the community the most. A whole school deep clean inspired by schools in China and Japan was a clear winner. This event ended up being a big hit in the Wells Bang Na community!

On Sept. 29 teachers and students got together with cleaning supplies. Then, we worked as teams to clean all parts of the school. We cleaned the playground, gym equipment, the library, hallways, classrooms and other public spaces! Students expressed they had so much fun cleaning and taking responsibility for their space. Afterwards, we all joined together to have popsicles and reflect on what we learned from this event. Grade 2 did a great job taking charge and leading this event while including all in our community. It was a fun time for all, our school is super clean and organized now and students are already asking when the next clean up day will be!
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