Thai Celebrations at Wells Bang Na

Last Tuesday, February 25th, the K1 classes came together to celebrate Thai winter activities. The parents from K1 prepared boat racing and kite flying activities. Due to the AQI, we were unable to have the activities outside as initially planned. However, that didn’t stop the students from enjoying the celebration!



 During this unit of inquiry, “Where We Are In Place and Time” we have discussed celebrations. We looked at the form and function of celebrations. The K1 students have been challenged to explore questions like: Why do we have celebrations? What happens at celebrations?  What are some of the similarities we have noticed between celebrations?



At the Thai winter celebrations event we explored boat racing by simulating our own boat races. The students were divided into 2 teams and raced against each other in the inflated rafts provided by the parents. The event took place in the kindergarten dance room. Therefore, the boats were powered by teachers and parents. As the students soared across the dance room floor in the rafts they got to experience the excitement of the annual boat races. The parents discussed what the boats were made of and how the team must row together. We engaged in an exciting chanting session to help the team row together. 



We also celebrated the winter season with some indoor kite flying. This was a great way to reinforce their knowledge of the letter ‘k’; which they are currently learning through the jolly phonics programs. We also learned about the traditional Chula and Pakpoa kites. We flew the traditional Thai Pakpao, snake kites. The students raced from one end of the dance room to the other, with the kites flying above them. There was lots of cheering and celebrating! Then the kids were able to explore the seasonal fun that the winds provide in Thailand. We discussed how the celebration of kite flying can happen throughout the winter season as long as the winds are present. 



To end off the winter celebration we played a traditional Thai game. The students were excited to participate. We will continue our inquiry into Thai celebrations with hot and rainy season celebrations. Thank you to all our parents for their support in making the Winter seasonal celebrations an exciting success!

By Alex Carson

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