Healthy Eating Project Grade 3 and 4

In order to enhance our online learning, Bangna Grade 3 and 4 students created videos and photo slideshows. This was an action to share  their inquiry based learning at home. Our students are excited to share these videos through the Wells Bangna YouTube Channel. 

Although Covid-19 challenged students and teachers in many ways; our classes openly discussed strategies to support the development of communication and presentation skills. Our students chose to teach each other how to prepare a healthy and balanced meal in their first remote learning videos project. When these presentations were completed, we watched them together with the students. Then we discussed and critiqued the presentation techniques. The students were excited to share their work in this way. So they voted to keep producing videos as a component of their class work. 

A Healthy Recipe

Our current unit for these classes is “Who We Are”. It  focuses on health, growth and responsibilities. Online learning encouraged our students to become more independent. The situation of studying at home requires self-discipline and maturity. In some ways this unit has been enhanced by social distancing measures. Our students have been especially reflective about this experience. They are able to see the true value of physical fitness and nutrition. They are taking steps to make fitness a part of their daily schedule, without adult pressure. 

The teachers Ms. Viki and Mr. Jordan wanted students to be active in their approach to learning. We designed activities in which students could personalize their learning. Then demonstrate their learning in a fun way. One activity involved students researching a healthy meal. Then they cooked it with a parent.Students chose their own meal and ingredients. Then they demonstrated why it was a healthy choice. In another activity, students designed their own 7-day fitness plan. After that, they will design their own fitness magazine. 

Sam Makes a Sandwich

Learning is not always pencil, paper, and books. Sometimes it involves students getting their hands dirty, using deeper thinking, and challenging themselves to do new things. We encouraged our students to practice the learner profiles during this difficult time for all of us as we continue distant learning. We could not be more proud of the students, thankful for the parents, and continued support from the school administration. 


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