Wells Bang Na Connects with Okinawa International School

Last month, Grade 5 students from Wells International School Bang Na were able to connect with students in Japan at Okinawa International School. They met in order to observe presentations of their PYP exhibition progress. Our students at WISBN are currently working on their own exhibition projects. Observing other students explain their planning, research, and organization process positively impacted our students. Jayvinn from grade 5 mentioned that, “This experience inspired me to think about my own exhibition project.” 

Our students were able to connect with students in Japan using Zoom. This exchange took place during the last week of online learning in January, 2021. The ability to take a virtual field trip to another school is a positive aspects of online learning. Through observing the students in Okinawa, our grade 5 students and teachers gained clarity on how to improve their own projects. They also saw how to share the exhibition projects with the greater community. 

Grade 5 article2

Kanade (grade 5 students) reflected, “Previously, I was nervous about my own project. But now, I feel confident about it because I know what to expect.” After the meeting, we received positive feedback from the students and PYP coordinator in Okinawa. They appreciated the questions asked by our students. They felt that they were very strong inquirers and thinkers. 

Looking forward, our students are more equipped and excited to share their exhibition projects. Annie said, “I know what I need to do to improve my project now. I can add more pictures and explain my work more clearly because I know what it’s like to be in the audience.” Hank thought, “This experience gave me some good ideas on what to present.”

Wells International School Bang Na will invite members of the community to participate in the Grade 5 exhibition in May 2021.

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