Wells Thong Lo Reading Month

Wells Thong Lo kicked off the first week of reading month with a few Fun-tastical Seusseriffic surprises! 

Our primary students started feeding their brain at our very first Wells Starbooks Café.


While at the café the kids are expanding their reader’s palate by sampling different authors, genres, and series. Book tastings are a fun, easy way to get kids out of their comfort zones and engaged. After all, books are a lot like food—you won’t know if you like something until you try it! 

In the Cafe the students ticked off a particular genre on their list and submitted a book review to reflect on their reading, they earned reading badges for their participation and effort. By the end of the month, they will have earned the entire collection of Wells reading badges. The students were super excited and proud to show off their badges to their families. What an amazing way to celebrate their achievement! 

Colorful Blob Love 6 Panel Comic Strip (3)

After tasting magical and exciting books at the Wells Starbooks café, there was another adventure hiding quietly behind the corner… An old lady with a huge hat and funny sunglasses appeared from nowhere holding a big yellow book. This old lady visited Grade 2 students as the first Mystery reader of the Reading Month and read a story about unhappy crayons which wanted to be heard by anyone ready to listen. Grade 2 students were attracted to the story, feeling sympathy towards each of the crayons as the old lady was an excellent narrator. And we all know that narrators give voice, heart and soul to books and find ways how to translate books to our students. We cannot wait for more Mystery Readers walking around the school with books in their hands giving voice to stories from all around the world. 


We ended the fun filled week with the whole school celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday by wearing homemade crazy hats. It was such fun to see such a creative variety of wacky hats! We had everything from sharks to food themes!  Big hats and tiny hats! 1












Stay tuned for more adventures. 


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