Congratulations to the Class of 2011!

As I stepped into one particular classroom for the first time here at Wells International School, I halted in my tracks, dumbfounded by the loud squeal that forms a rather standard greeting from one of the more exuberant members of the Class of 2011. Swiveling my eyes from face to face, I encountered an immediate, infectious enthusiasm that has defined this unique group of students for me from that moment through the past three years, and I wouldn’t have them any other way—quirks, foibles and all. Entering a new school, integrating into its culture, and straining to find that delicate balance between stern guide and empathetic counselor causes every teacher some degree of stress, a feeling exacerbated if faced with a room of blank stares and silence. Thankfully, our graduating seniors face no such reluctance in expressing themselves, and it has certainly livened my time at Wells, as it has for many others.

Becoming part of Wells has been a boon in allowing me to grow as an educator and a person, and in providing a place in which others support that process. I can only hope that our departing students feel the same. Watching them mature into young adults has provided a never-ending cycle of pride, frustration, annoyance and joy, as I’ve rolled my eyes time and again at Shivam’s clever rationalizations, stared in awe at June’s artwork, shaken my head as Visant strolled into the school thirty minutes late (again), wrapped my brain around Darling’s insights into religion or psychology, and yes, cringed as Mind’s welcoming shriek woke me in the mornings. Each one has made his or her mark on this school, and on every one of us that has guided them in that process.

As Wells has grown in bounds over the past year, receiving praise from WASC in its most recent visit for our nurturing community and high standards—not to mention expanding at a rate beyond virtually any other school in Bangkok both in numbers and accomplishments—so too have our seniors taken a major step toward the next part in their lives, receiving university acceptances and scholarships around the world, and dreaming of the changes to come. Seniors: As we see you off, we can only hope that you will apply the knowledge and principles we’ve striven to instill in you, and that you remain firmly grounded in the humility and responsibility that accompanies the privileges you have received.  “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles

– Mr. Jared, Vice Headmaster

Congratulations to our departing seniors for their acceptances into the following universities:

Alina Sachdev

Chanasorn “It’s not Kongwut; it’s Chanasorn!” Sajjaphooriphoom

Arada “Darling” Arayawuth

Krittayaporn “Dream” Dhadasih

Sao Mo “Hom” Htarnee

Ju Yeon “Jenny” Jin

Ju Hyun “June” Song

Chih-Jau “Kelly” Wang

Methaporn ” May” Supa-Anan

Pailin “May T.” Teerarochanapong

Saranya “Mind” Photha

Khanuenglak “Net” Baipowongse

Surachaet “Nick” Charaschanya

Nitvaree “Nivan” Narula

Thassirin “Noop” Thovanich

Saran Singsacha

Shivam Pawa

Nannaphas “Titi” Rungrueng

Visant Ahuja

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