“ALOHA from the Island of Kauai!”

Wells Senior Trip 2010 – Part 1

Lihue, Hawaii, USA – The first full day of Wells Senior Trip 2010 saw our grade 12 students go an adventure tour up Hawaii’s only naturally navigable waterway, the Wailua River. With the majority of the students born and raised in an urban environment, this “jungle trek” was an adventure of a lifetime. Paired off in double kayaks, the group started their journey at the mouth of the river and paddled upstream nearly 7 km. After passing an ancient Hawaiian village site, the group went ashore at the entrance of a trail where they parked their kayaks and continued their trek on foot for another 2 km through the jungle. The end of the trail brought them to their final destination – a awe-inspiring view of Uluwehi Falls, a hidden waterfall cascading into a crystal clear pool that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. After a “refreshing” dip in the pool, it was time to head back.

Upon returning to the mouth of the river, everyone jumped into the vans for a quick drive up the mountain to where Mr. Ray’s grew up in Wailua Homesteads. After a brief lunch prepared by Mr. Ray’s Mom, the group was given a lesson on Kauai agriculture and the similarities to that found in Thailand.

Another hike up the Nono’u Mountain Range was cancelled due to rain and the group, already exhausted from the longer-than-expected kayaking trip, took a short tour of the Wailua area with stops at the famous Opaeka’a Falls, the sacred Poli’ahu Heiau (temple) and the Bell Stones.

On the much less strenuous second day on Kauai, the group took a driving tour of the island’s West Side. After passing the St. Elizabeth Russian Fort and historic Waimea Town, the group head up the winding road up to the 3,000 foot (900 m) level for breathtaking views of what Mark Twain called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific – the Waimea Canyon. Heading back into town, the group stopped for an Easter Luncheon at Mr. Ray’s brother’s house in Lawai before heading to the airport.

Next stop – the Big Island of Hawaii.

In the Wailua jungles, after the 7-km paddle up stream.
Crossing the river to get to the jungle trail.
A 2-km hike through the jungle leads to Uluwehi Falls, aka Secret Falls.
At the famous Opaeka’a Falls at the base of the Sleeping Giant.
The “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” — the Waimea Canyon.

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  1. Sounded like a great trip. Looking forward to seeing you in Thailand this summer!

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