Wells Awards over B1.1 Million in Scholarships for 2010

On Nut – Wells International School continues to recognize outstanding academic achievement by rewarding it top students with scholarships totaling over B 1.1 million for the spring and fall semesters of 2010. Scholarship recipients were recently announced at the Wells 2009 Christmas Gala held the evening of Thursday, December 17.

In order to qualify for Wells scholarships, secondary students are first screened based on externally administered, norm-referenced tests such as the SAT10 or the ITBS (for transfer students). Final decisions are then made based on performance in the classroom (GPA), contributions to the school community and character assessments.

This year, Wells awarded scholarships to two groups of students: the Wells Scholars (B20,000/semester) and the Wells Super Scholars (B35,000/semester for Middle School, B45,000/semester for High School).

Wells Super Scholars for 2010 are:

  • Akhil Shanishetti, Gr. 7**
  • Amira Lukens, Gr. 8**
  • Praat “Tan” Sukriket, Gr. 8
  • Kaori Miyajima, Gr. 8
  • Aiyana O’Meara, Gr. 9
  • Tsai Chi “Cathy” Shang Kuan, Gr. 9
  • Gautham Naganathan, Gr. 9
  • Chan Lee, Gr. 10
  • Surachaet “Nick” Charaschanya, Gr. 11
  • Ju Hyun “June” Song, Gr. 11
  • Chi Jau “Kelly” Wang, Gr. 11

**”Wells Family Scholars” – 100% Tuition Award

Wells Scholars for 2010 are:

  • Arlindo Borges, Gr. 6
  • Joon Young “Peter” Choi, Gr. 6
  • Sitibhum “Tenn” Chaiwatanarat, Gr. 8
  • Pimchanok “Pim” Chuenkamolpun, Gr. 9
  • Daryl Ong, Gr. 9
  • Nanthida “Gunita” Anandsongvit, Gr. 10
  • Ritika Anandsongvit, Gr. 12
  • Yi Tsen “Alice” Liu, Gr. 12

Also recognized were a group of transfer students that, due to their exceptional performance at previous schools, were also awarded scholarships for the 2009-2010 academic year. Categorized as Wells Super Scholars, these students are:

  • Shir Lee Akazawa, Gr. 7 (transfer from NIST)
  • Siradanai “Joseph” Chaomuangbon, Gr. 10 (transfer from Ekamai International School)
  • Arada “Darling” Arayawuth, Gr. 11 (transfer from Chiang Mai International School)

In addition to the scholarships, two cash awards of B15,000 were presented to the 2009 Fall Sports MVPs. Selections for these awards were made based on a player’s contribution to the success of his/her team, as well as sound academic performance and school service. For the 2009 Female MVP, senior basketball player Ping “Kieren” Wu Yeh (Class of 2010) has been leading her team for the past two years. Similarly, the 2009 Male MVP, Yueh Ting “Kevin” Han (Class of 2014) has led his team to two consecutive TISAC championships. In both cases, the MVPs played key roles in Wells’ emergence as a major power in TISAC sports in just its second year as a member school.

Wells Super Scholar Aiyana O’Meara with Headmaster Ray D. de la Peña and Vice Headmaster Jared D. Kuruzovich

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