Learning the Value of Community Service

Reported by Beer, Grade 12

My teacher – Mr. Philip – and I went to the Duang Prateep Foundation to get more information for my advocacy research, and we also brought milk and school supplies for the children. The Duang Prateep Foundation is a foundation was organized by Ms. Prateep. This foundation helps people in the Klong Toey community. For example, they give children who live in poor communities a chance to have an education, take care of children’s basic needs, support families from those poor areas to develop in a positive way, and work with other charity organizations to support the community and help it become stronger.

We went inside Klong Toey’s zones 1-3 to visit. There is a narrow footpath and track full of houses. Many of the families trade in front these houses. Some of the children do not go to school. They work with their families or play. A river is underneath them with many empty places that are full of garbage. Although the community is very poor and doesn’t have a lot of what my friends and I have, the people are friendly. I feel I am lucky, and I am starting to question why others are forced to have so many difficulties in their lives.

I learned a lot in this experience, and it makes me want to help change things. We are very lucky in our lives and we need to give back to our community. We can donate things to help or even better, we can help by teaching the people and children in poor communities. Helping them helps us understand other people more and become better people ourselves.

Khlong Toey 01

Khlong Toey 02

Khlong Toey 03

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