Congratulations to Wells’ AP Scholars!

Nine Wells students were announced as AP (Advanced Placement) award winners following the release of AP exams in early July. Incoming seniors Gautham Giri Naganathan and Daryl Ong received the highest recognition, being named AP Scholars with Distinction. To qualify for this award, a student needs to score an average of at least 3.50 in all AP exams taken, with five or more scores of at least a 3 (out of a possible 5). Gautham easily surpassed this requirement, scoring the maximum of 5 in English Language & Composition, Biology, Calculus A/B, and Macroeconomics, a score of 4 in Microeconomics, and a 3 in Psychology last year. Daryl received his highest score of 5 in English Language & Composition, World History, and Macroeconomics, with a 4 in Microeconomics and a 3 in Psychology.

Fellow incoming senior Cathy Shang Kuan, as well as recent graduate Chan Young Lee received the second highest award, as each were named as an AP Scholar with Honors. To qualify for this award, a student needs to score an average of at least 3.25 in all AP exams taken, with four exams receiving scores of at least a 3. Cathy received the highest score of 5 in Chemistry, Biology, and Calculus, while scoring a 4 in English Language & Composition, and Chan squeaked into this honor with a 3.25 average, making the grade in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Calculus A/B, and Chemistry.

Finally, five Wells students qualified for the honor of AP Scholar by scoring a minimum of 3 on three AP exams. Receiving this honor were recent graduate Joseph Chaomuangbon (Psychology – 5, Biology – 4, and Chemistry – 4) and incoming seniors Harjas Anandsongvit (English Composition – 4, Psychology – 5, Biology – 4), Judia Chen (Psychology – 4, Calculus AB – 3, Chemistry – 3), Archer Jirasirikul (Psychology – 5, Chemistry – 5, Biology – 4), and Mary Losmithgul (English Composition – 4, Psychology – 5, Calculus – 5).

College Board’s AP Program gives high school students the opportunity to study college-level courses while earning credit in most universities across the U.S. and over 60 countries around the world. Last year, Wells International School offered on-site AP courses in English, World History, Calculus, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics. Collectively, Wells students scored far above the world averages in each of these courses.

Wells’ certified AP instructors most certainly played important roles in preparing these students for these rigorous exams, and they are to be congratulated for their hard work and dedication. These educators, in order of years of service at Wells, are Mr. Brian Salter-Townshend (Ireland – Biology), Mr. Daniel Betts (USA – Chemistry), Mr. Ashok Shanishetti (India – Calculus), Mr. Bob Dell (USA – Micro/Macroeconomics), Mr. Mark Jacobsen (USA – Psychology), and Mr. Adam Frick (USA – English & World History).

For more information about the Advanced Placement program and the opportunities it offers, visit our university prep page.

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