New Campus, New Year

The celebration of Songkran is said to bring good luck and prosperity, and for Wells International Kindergarten – Bang Na, our first Songkran festival reflected a whole year of good fortune. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, our first year of operation reflected the dedication of a wonderful group of parents and teachers working together to maintain the high standards of the Wells system and provide their children with engaging, enjoyable learning.

Decked in traditional Thai costumes and colorful floral designs, the Bang Na students welcomed the new year by first learning the history and importance of the holiday, and how it is celebrated in Thailand. Applying their new-found knowledge, they performed the traditional rod nam dum hua ceremony by pouring scented water over the hands of their teachers and parents, paying respect for the learning opportunities they have received throughout the year. The children were pleased to discover that the good wishes went both ways, as their elders accepted the small gifts of flowers and wished them good luck in turn. Not ignoring the exciting aspects of Songkran, the students demonstrated their mastery of the traditional games they had learned from their Thai teacher, Ms. Nina. Even the Wells drivers got in on the fun, surprising everyone by forming a drum troupe and performing a Thai dance.

As the music came to an end, the children changed in swimwear, preparing for their first water battle. Skipping through activities, they took part in competitions, relays and games before arming themselves with water guns and splashing one another—and their teachers—to cap the day. With a blossoming new campus, new friends and caring parents, our staff and students have had a great deal to be thankful for.

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