Chinese and Korean New Year Celebration @ Kindergarten

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Year of the Tiger

Wells Kindergarten welcomed the Chinese/Korean New Year with an activity packed assembly.  We had a really fun time learning about the different festivities that happen around this time of year.  It was wonderful to see so many parents come and visit.  We watched a Chinese dance performed by our Wells students.  Our drivers and maids performed a lovely Chinese dance as well.  There was also an orange peeling game, where the children had to see who could peel their orange the quickest. Some of our parents were also keen to join in on the action.  They paired up and tried to hold the orange between them whilst running to the other end of the relay track.  After that, each class went back to their teacher to make a dragon mask.  Everyone helped to color it in and then we attached the mask to a long piece of cloth.  Each class made a long line behind the dragon mask and started to dance underneath the dragon’s body.  The activities were then topped off with some delicious Chinese snacks.  It was a very memorable assembly!

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