Kindergarten Assemblies (09/09)

Occupation Assembly (K2 & K3) Ms. Juhi & Mr. Parker

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K2 and K3 enjoyed learning about occupations and dressing up as what they would like to be when they grow up for the “Occupation Assembly”.  The children were very interested to hear about jobs from guest-speaker parents and friends.  The K2 and K3 children looked fantastic in their colorful costumes!  A very big “thank you” to all of the parents who volunteered to participate in the assembly and especially to Dr. Anjana who took out her precious time from the hospital to talk to the children about hygiene.

Animals Assembly (N & K1) Ms. Sonia

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Our Nursery and K1 children came dressed in a variety of animal outfits on this day. They were dressed as cats, dogs, bunnies, tigers and lots more….some even had their faces painted! The children danced to the ‘Birdie song’ and played ‘Simon says’ game in which they had to follow the teacher’s animal actions! A live turtle was shown and we spoke about the parts of its body. Children made origami in groups and animal masks and souvenirs with animal logos that say ‘We love animals…they are our friends’ were distributed.





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