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Staff Profiles

In its commitment to providing a truly global education, Wells makes every effort to hire qualified, talented instructors who bring forth the best in their students. Representing more than five continents and a dozen countries from across the globe, the teachers at our On Nut campus are truly an international lot, bringing a wide range of perspectives and knowledge to students. Avoiding the trend of recruiting staff based on the their nationalities or appearance, Wells bases its hiring decisions on three simple measures: an applicant’s qualifications, suitability for the position, and passion for learning. We believe that children develop best when exposed to multiple perspectives and cultures, and that teachers themselves should seek to be multicultural, lifelong learners. Equally important, they provide a strong academic foundation; approximately 70% of the full-time leadership, teaching and student support staff possesses or is currently pursuing master’s degrees, and many possess multiple master’s in education and their subject areas:

2013-2014 Wells Staff Qualifications

In addition to their existing qualifications, all instructors undergo continual professional development. The school provides financial support for staff members pursuing graduate and postgraduate degrees, and serves as the permanent host for Framingham State University’s M.Ed. program in Thailand. As a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand and East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), Wells takes advantage of those organizations’ training opportunities for all staff, and teachers also regularly attend the annual Bangkok Teachers’ Network conferences and other local workshops. External training is also provided for AP and IB instructors, all of whom are certified by those organizations.


2016-2017 Staff Directory

Campus Leadership

Mrs. Pranee SrisaiSenior Director & School ManagerThailand
Mr. Ray D. de la PeñaHead of SchoolHawaii, USA
Ms. Rekha SachdevPrincipal – Primary SchoolThailand
Ms. Prerna ParyaniPrincipal – Middle SchoolHong Kong
Mr. William JonesAssociate Principal – High School(School Policy)Canada
Ms. Cindy ChenAssociate Principal – High School(Community)Taiwan
Dr. Peng SuvilaisunthornAssociate Principal –

High School
(Student Support)

Ms. Weeranuch JarawatThai DirectorThailand


School Support Staff

Ann Khanthachawana
Customer Relationship Manager
Liza Sabucido
Secondary School Registrar
Rhea Delapaz
Primary School Registrar
Sue Lee
Admission Officer
Pattama (Ing) Luckanakul
Finance Officer
Chalintha (Golf) Supapan
HR / VISA Officer